The intimate girlfriend experience

What you may eagerly anticipate

  • Impeccably dressed companion that you can bring anywhere, and that no one would suspect was an escort.
  • Sexy lingerie

  • Erotic body to body hot oil massage with essential oils to set the mood

  • Sensual kissing

  • Intimate touch from a loving and affectionate woman

  • Mouth watering oral…pun intended

  • Passionate sex in a variety of positions

  • Spanish

  • Cuddling

  • A seductive strip tease to tease your senses and entice you

dinner date

The classic liaison; let us try and remain subtle as we taste and drink in each other…teasing, until we can take it no longer. Finally the sweet escape back to the bedroom for dessert is met with an unbridled ravishment.


Let’s luxuriate together; A movie; the feeling of my leg brushing up against yours, it’s sensuality amplified in the darkness..

We may see a show and have dinner; sipping wine as you catch my eyes peering over my glass, merely hinting in their devilish blue depths the full extent of mischievous array we shall soon explore upon the closing of our bedrooms door.

It will never feel like enough…but rest assured it will be the best of times to get to know each other in equal parts rich relaxation and saucy excitement.

Must include dinner in a social setting and minimum 6hrs sleep.

Please inquire for further details.