Answers to my most asked questions

My usual hours are between 11am – 10pm.

Although this may be flexible with enough notice. 24hrs notice preferred for bookings, on the rare occasion I may be available short notice, but it is certainly not to be counted on.

To secure your preferred booking time I require a deposit, which is payable into a discreet account via online transfer. For overseas clients, I offer an alternate method.

Will you see me without a deposit?

In short, no. As a high end escort and companion, I arrange my schedule around planning and preparing for our date. A deposit is a necessary gesture from you to demonstrate your integrity.

I messaged you, why haven't I received a reply?

Between my lovely assistant Josie and I, you will generally receive a response within 48hrs.

On the rare occasion this does not happen (occasionally due to a high volume of enquiries your messaged may have been missed), after the 48hr period you are encouraged to send a follow up message.

Alternatively, your communication may have been unsavoury and/or did not follow my booking guidelines. As this is a vital part of the screening process, if you have ignored the booking protocol then unfortunately I will take it to mean that we are not a suitable match, and your enquiry will be moved to junk mail.

May I bring a gift?

Absolutely! Presents are a wonderful way to make a great first impression, please see my wishlist for an idea of my taste.

What do I do if I see you in public?

Note discretion is of the utmost importance to me. Should the above occur, I will ignore you and act as if we have not met. As a mark of mutual respect I expect the same of you also.

May I leave you a review?

Although I do appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort that goes into the writing of a review; Under no circumstance do I allow reviews from any membership based review sites. What happens between us in private is an experience unique to us. I value and respect your privacy, and expect the same consideration in return.

If you wish to write a tasteful testimonial, please either email me, or visit my Scarlet Blue profile, and scroll down to the bottom. There you will be able to find and submit the review form.

May I take videos/photos of you?

NO. Any attempt to record or photograph me without my knowledge or permission during our time together will result in an immediate termination of our appointment. The entire booking fee will also be retained.

What is your cancellation policy?

Deposits are non-refundable.

I have a 48hr cancellation policy. If outside that time frame, booking and deposit may be moved to another date (at a minimum of the original booking time) within a month. Whilst my cancelling on you is a rare occurrence, in this case a full refund is available to you.

Cancellation within 48hrs will require 100% of the booking fee to be paid.

Why do you need my real name?

In order for me to feel confident to meet you, some assurances are required. Your full name and photo I.D are examples of what that may entail. Please note, discretion is guaranteed. I have no desire to out you in any regard, it is only for the purpose of guaranteeing my own safety.

If somehow you’re still unconvinced, please read this blog my friend Sienna Charles wrote on the topic.