As an avid globetrotter with a keen sense of adventure, it’s never long before I am off again, passport in hand, ready to gallivant across more of this beautiful and expansive world.
If your city isn’t listed below or the dates don’t suit you, fly me to you!
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Weekend Getaway Rate on inquiry Up to 48hrs The Ultimate Rendezvous
Overnight Rate on inquiry Up to 15hrs An evening to savor
Dinner Date 2200 USD- GFE 2550 USD- NGE The perfect first date
3 Hours 1900 USD- GFE 2200 USD-NGE Indulgent dalliance
2 Hours 1300 USD- GFE 1500 USD- NGE Playful flirtation

1.5 Hours

1100 USD- GFE 1300 USD- NGE A brief encounter
1 Hour 750 USD- GFE 850 USD- NGE A mere tasting